Helping Doctors Deliver Better Patient Outcomes

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Helping Doctors Deliver Better Patient Outcomes


We offer products directly from the labs. We represent a variety of suppliers to make sure we have multiple options for your biologic needs. We only represent the highest quality & safest products offered in the US.

Bio-Hacking Equipment

We offer a variety of factory direct bio-hacking equipment.

Red Near Infrared Therapy Beds

Sound Frequency / Vibration Plates

O3 Therapy & Saunas

Hyperbaric Machines

ViSS Square Wave Mechano-Acuostic Vibration & Frequency


Our Aesthetic Medical Educators specialize in training medical professionals in beginner and advanced aesthetics. We train RN’S, NP’s, MD’s, PA’s, medical aestheticians, and aestheticians that would like to further their education in medical aesthetics. Our classes are designed to offer didactics in the morning and hands-on training in the afternoon. Our educational staff has 40+ years of expertise in aesthetic practices including the most current and advanced technology and techniques in aesthetics.

RegenX Medical

Dr. Amos O. Dare leads a team of medical professionals offering our services at your location. We do a variety of procedures such as joint injections, reverse aging facials and IV nutrition. Let our team of professionals help you grow your practice with little or no money out of pocket.

Joint Injections

Reverse Aging Facials

NAD & Vitamin Therapy


We Are The Best Support for You

We are dedicated to transforming healthcare through cutting-edge technologies and therapies in regenerative medicine. Our comprehensive range of products and services empowers doctors to unlock the full potential of regenerative treatments, offering groundbreaking outcomes to patients.


Products & Services


Variety of Regenerative Tissue Options from a high quality US Labs. Vetted for safety and quality

Factory Direct Bio-Hacking Equipment

We offer Red Light therapy devices, O2 Saunas, Sound Frequency & Hyperbaric Chambers.


We train RN’S, NP’s, MD’s, PA’s, medical aestheticians, and aestheticians that would like to further their education in Regenerative medicine & medical aesthetics

Customer Retention & Referral Services

We have partnered with a few services to help you build one on one relationships with your client base to increase frequency.

Outsourcing Doctor Services

We offer our Medical Team at your location. We are all licensed to go. You supply clients we do the rest!

Offshore Stem Cell services

We offer direct access to the most advances stem cell technology in the world. If you are looking to send patients or go yourself our labs in Columbia and Costa Rice offer the highest standards in the world for stem cell technology.


Years of Experience


Successesful Therapy

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Meet Our Medical Team

We think it’s really important that clinicians have a mixture of clinical skill and human qualities that mean you can place your trust in them. We interview every potential partner in person before we agree to work with them, as well as carrying out rigorous background checks.

Dr. Jeffrey Brown

Functional Medicine & Anti-aging, Homeopathic & Regenerative Medicine, Pain Management, Osteopathic manipulative therapy (OMT)

Dr. Amos O. Dare

Board-Certified Neurological Surgeon

Dr. Gregg Nezowitz

Functional Medicine & Anti-Aging, Bio-Identical Hormone Therapy


What Our Clients Say

“I found the staff professional and kind, explaining all the details every step of the way. Regenerative Solutions helped me add regenerative medicine into my practice and now I am thriving!”

Dr. Shane


" Regenerative Solutions has a large selection of biologics, equipment and training programs that allowed me to get up and running really fast. Their expertise in regenerative medicine makes them an invaluable source."

Dr. Drucker


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Helping Doctors Deliver Better Patient Outcomes